How do I change my password, email, and user name?

After logging in, go to your CONTROL PANEL (found in the top right hand menu of every page). The Control Panel holds all the links necessary for managing your account. To change your password, email, or user name, click the ACCOUNT SETTINGS icon on the Control Panel.


I forgot my password!

Just click the 'Forgot your password?' link on the Sign In page or the Home page. This will allow you to enter your email address. Your account's password will be reset and an email sent to you containing a one-time login link. After using that link to log in, make sure you change your password to something you will remember (see above for instructions on changing your password).


I don't want other users to be able to contact me!

By default, visitors and users on the site can email you via your personal contact form. This form allows them to send you a message without accessing your actual email address. If you wish to alter the privacy settings for this form, go to your CONTROL PANEL, then click ACCOUNT SETTINGS. In the Contact Settings section, choose which level of user should be allowed access to your contact form.


Where are my light boxes?

Local Artists allows you to save favorites, rather than light boxes. Soon we will be expanding the favorites page to let you organize your favorites into lists. We will also be importing your light boxes from the old Artists File database.

In the mean time, however, the Favorites page will allow you limited access to your old light boxes. Click FAVORITES on the main menu, and follow the instructions on the right hand side of the page. Your Local Artists account will probably need to have the same email as your Artists File account for the system to find your light boxes.


My artworks have lower image quality than the files I uploaded!

The Local Artists system resizes and compresses your image files so they can be efficiently displayed on the site. The images are compressed as JPEGs at 75% quality. For the best results, we recommend that you upload images with a height and width of at least 500 pixels and a compression rate higher than 75%.


How do I edit or delete artworks?

When you are logged in, the main page for each of your artworks will have an EDIT button above the image. These edit links are also accessible on your EDIT PORTFOLIO page. Click the EDIT link for the chosen artwork, modify the form, and click SAVE.

To delete an artwork, click EDIT, and then click DELETE at the bottom of the form instead of SAVE. (You may be required to choose tags or fill out other data before deleting.)


How do I Queue?

The viewing ‘Queue’, which is the bar you can see at the bottom of your browser window, allows you to save relevant Artworks and Artists in the same place during the course of your search, eliminating the need to bookmark individual pages. While you are Searching or Browsing, just drag and drop an Artwork or an Artists Profile into the Queue.  To expand the Queue, just click on it. 

Select the items you want to save to Favorites. 


How do I search?

Search is divided into three categories:  Main, Regions, Name.  Simply choose from the available categories (e.g. ‘process based’, ‘North American’, ‘Performance’) and click the ‘Search’ button on the top right hand corner.  All artworks tagged under these categories will appear.  If nothing turns up, reduce your search to fewer categories.


For help with your account or other inquiries

Please contact the Artists File Manager who is
available Wednesdays and Thursdays during
business hours (12:00-6:00 EST).


Phone: 212 226 3970



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