Elizabeth Roman, "Sweet freedom", 2011, Acrylic on canvas, 100cm x 65cm

I found my first references in the work of the Mexican muralist painters and their artistic, political, and social expression in history. At the same time my work has been strongly inspired by all these artists; whom belong to the Narrative Figuration movement (French: Figuration Narrative) who re-inserted the figure into the discourse on contemporary art to speak about daily life with a purpose of social criticism

Today my work and my artistic intent are strongly influenced by the street art, and by its artistic approach with a recurrent social and political message. So I can tell that my work falls within the tradition of muralist painters and their social and political statement, but at the same time my paintings are strongly influenced by the Post-graffiti age, because my work is inspired and supports the urban culture, popular culture or pop culture. Today different social, cultural, political, and climatic factors liven up the debate about narrative painting “The painting that tells the event, raises the questions, the painting that offers the chance to develop a critical awareness, speaking through image”




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