JD Szalla, JagFu, 2007, Unrepresented NYC and Delray Beach Artists, no longer exists

JagFu was a curated event that took place at Kevro's Art Bar in Delray Beach, Florida. The event was generated from one idea from List: Ideas & Observations: 122106-2 River Phoenix

#11. Jag Fu: An exhibition of nothing.

Below is the orginal List from which the event manifested, materialized and now, no longer exists.

 Ideas and Observations: list 122106-2 River Phoenix

1. “It was the classic cocaine overreaction___”

2. Situational-installation: A large-scale screen @ one end of the gallery with a local sports station on mute juxtaposed with a practical download & play juke box in direct center of the gallery in blinding white light?

3. “It just nails some people and stops the heart.”

4. Exhibition title: A Day Like Willie Nelson

5. “I thought I had had had Valium or something…”

6. I am a new destination.

7.. “Of such diverse movies as- please see cover story.”

8. Elias will chop wood for five hours in Oklahoma.

9. Just talk

10. “George Bush kind of reminds me of the Frosted Flakes- you know, ‘It’s Grrreat!’ A soggy frosted flake at best.”

11. Jag Fu: An exhibition of nothing.

12. “I ordered the fire official to shut up…”

13. “Cocaine Shut up Ray! Valium or something…”

14. A box for atypical arrangement: J-Syn

15. “They are conducting additional tissue and blood tests for the next seven to ten days.”

16. Rebel Girl Beat Box presents for dykes, Femmes, gender queers and their friends.

17. “A very sweet and very talented, tragic sunflower…”

18. Leslie owns Trinity while Dennise works it.

19. “Johnny said the room would be closed as a sign of much respect and love to his family and friends.”

20. Unique in all the world

21. What is the architecture of a classic American fish trap?

22. “I am remembered on page 76…”

23. Waiting for slow Charlotte trains to pass in moonlight.

24. “I am opening a window on the largely unknown intersection of drugs, young Hollywood and LA’s club scene.

25. Say hello to Sarah @ the Smelly Cat for me.

26. “I am in a world of actors, musicians and hangers-on. We are healthy with our heroin.”

27. “I am interviewing regulars at the club…”

28. “I have little to lose by getting high…”

29. I am a contributor of sunflowers.

30. I am a contributor of cold-fx.

31. Justin and Stacey still share different last names.

32. I am at the beginning of the new street level of America.

33. “23 and dying for Halloween but I began with explorers…”

34. Get behind Becca’s move to Mars, PA.

35. “I was born in Oregon…my parents, children of God…”

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