Laura Petrovich-Cheney, Burren, 2010, rain water, ink, charcoal, 42" x 78"

During my residency in Ireland, most of the days were wet, cold and blustery. Instead of lamenting about the bad weather, I decided to include it as a partner in my work. First, I rubbed the ancient slate floors of an Irish castle with ash from the fireplace. I imagined that this ancient floor held secrets of loneliness, sadness, anger and despair as well as kindness, love, laughter and a strange sense of knowing how life should be.  Then, I surrendered the paper to the notorious Irish rain. No longer was I using my visual language to express my image of the land, but now I was interacting creatively with the rain as essential part of the work. The rain and I created visceral inscriptions of time and place on the paper. 


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