Carole P. Kunstadt, Markings No. 27, 2004, gouache, thread, collage and graphite on handmade paper, 6 x 6

Lines of script from a New England journal dated 1858 -1863 provide flowing, curvilineal marks on paper. I have selected them for their interesting form - the fluid human strokes, the sepia tones and the personal history they imply.

While suggestive of anecdotes and insights these selected strips of paper visually weave in and out of the painted surface. Through the use of collage letters and words form fragmented records of the past that we cannot decipher but intrigue us nevertheless.

Fragments of these purposeful marks are transformed into a new visual language when edited and juxtaposed with color fields of gouache. Layered amongst washes of watercolor, the collage elements add depth while drawing the eye through the work. The linear repetition suggests a continued process leading us to another level of understanding and perception. As each line ‘speaks’ and interacts with the other, a new presence quietly develops and builds upon the remnants of previous generations. Repetitive lines of stitching reinforce the newly established merger of these elements and reminds us of the persistence of time. Past and present meet in an intimate and delicate manner.

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