Jean M. Judd, Contaminated Water #4: Through the Fence, 2012, Thread on hand dyed rust pigmented textile, 42"h x 39.5"

Contaminated Water #4: Through the Fence was inspired by a trip to the Bisbee, Arizona several years ago to view the Queen Copper Mine. Viewing the copper streaked water through the security fence from the shoulder of the road was just another reminder for me of the different colors that water can be. Lots of bodies of water in the Midwest, especially northern Minnesota and Wisconsin, is naturally copper in color due to the mineral content of the area. Heavy iron deposits and copper deposits give the water a brown, dirty look and easily can stain clothes as well as skin.


The hand stitched swirls give the piece visual and physical texture. They could be caused by springs, bugs or eddies beneath the surface of the water. A chain link fence motif is hand stitched over top of the swirls as an added visual. This artwork is designed to be displayed in any orientation.

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