Jean M. Judd, Contaminated Water #5: Mutated Sand Dollars, Rusted Fish, 2012, Thread on hand dyed rust pigmented textile, 41.75"h x 47.5"w

This piece is a continuation of the Contaminated Water series. Rust pigmentation on hand dyed fabric sets the tone of the textile artwork. The visual and physical texture created by the dense hand stitching used to create the overall design really makes the piece pop and adds dimension as well as movement to the piece.


Reflected in this piece is my interpretation of what can happen to the inhabitants of our waters when water is contaminated. Our fish die and the other water inhabitants morph into abnormal creatures. Living in Minnesota and Wisconsin for most of my life, I have seen the effects of pollution on our many water assets. I have also seen the return to clean, useable water from good stewardship and cleaning up of the aquatic environment.

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