Jean M. Judd, Sound Waves 3 Ionosphere, 2016, Hand stitched thread on hand dyed textile, 13.25" x 43.25"

This is the third piece in the continuing Sound Waves series. This piece continues the ebb and flow of waves that sparked this series. The Ionosphere is the portion of the atmosphere between 31 miles and 250 miles from the surface of the earth. It contains gases that have been ionized by ultraviolet rays and x-rays from the sun. The resulting charged particles are found concentrated in different regions and refract radio waves back toward the earth’s surface. This permits radio transmission of messages from around the world and what makes our global communication possible with our simple cellphones.

This artwork is designed to be displayed in either a vertical or horizontal orientation which gives the work a new appearance with each change in display.

A brief YouTube video talking about the artwork can be seen here:

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