Elizabeth Roman, “So god created shopping”, 2016, Acrylic on canvas, 50cm x 50cm / 19,7in x 19.7in

Generally in my work I found my best inspiration in the observation of significant events around the world and people's behavior in relation to all these "The art leaves its aesthetic roll to take a protest, reflection and critical intention towards different society highlights.In my paintings I want to capture a short but important time. Through my art I would like to tell the event and raise the questions. I think my paintings offer me the chance to try to develop a critical awareness, speaking through image.


Today my work and my artistic intent are strongly influenced by street art in which artistic approach has a recurrent social and political message, Following my own artistic way and beliefs, I find myself challenged by all these street artists and by their socially involved militant mind. I want to dedicate my pieces to the struggle of men for their ideals.

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