Jean M. Judd, Rusted Lace 5, 2017, Hand Stitched Thread on Hand Dyed, Rust Pigmented Textile, 32.75" x 42.25"

Rusted Lace #5 is a continuation of the Rusted Lace series. The ground was created in 2011 using dye and rust pigmentation created by using scientific iron filings. The sculptural hand stitching was applied in 2017and then framed. The color nuances in the artwork are evident on personal inspection as detail in this close-up image. There are many varied visual textures and designs flowing throughout the piece. This dynamic artwork is designed to hang in either a vertical or horizontal orientation which makes it a versatile artwork. Installation of this piece can be in either a vertical or horizontal orientation which really opens up the display options for this work. Although not designed to be displayed in a grouping, merging this artwork with any or all of the other pieces in the series creates a very interesting, contemporary artwork with infinite shape possibilities.

One-of-a-kind original textile artwork signed and dated by the artist. Included with the artwork is a Certificate of Authenticity, Care Instructions, and display slats. Installation simply requires two (2) nails or wall screws.

Artwork is carefully rolled, packed in heavy cardboard container, and shipped directly from the artist’s studio. Available immediately unless on exhibit.

YouTube Video:

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