Jean M. Judd, Contaminated Water 9: Through the Ice, 2017, Hand stitched thread on hand dyed textile, 33.25" x 42.25"

After a three-year hiatus in this series, Contaminated Water #9: Through the Ice, becomes to fruition. As with the first piece in this series, there is no rust pigmentation on this piece. I was pondering what the next step should be in this series, and since it was winter, the thought of looking through the ice brought to mind this image. The blue is the water and the red-ish purple is the ice with suspended particles and oil slicks trapped in within it. Dense textural stitching across the piece ties it into the series and provides contour and shadows to the piece. It is designed to hang in either a vertical or horizontal orientation which brings forth unexpected nuances to the artwork.

YouTube video can be seen here:


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