Virginia Maksymowicz, Physical Boundaries of This World, 2002, Hydrocal FGR, wood, acrylic paint, 10' x 25'

The metaphor of the structural but often unrecognized role of women in the social architecture was pushed in a slightly different direction in this installation at the Ceres Project Room of The Elizabeth Foundation in New York City. In this installation, four female bodies lay on a cyan-blue floor, each straddling the middle portion of what could be seen as sculpture stands or as architectural struts that spanned the gallery from wall to wall. Viewers were invited to step over and around the figures. These caryatid-like forms appeared either to be pulling the exterior walls of the space inward or pushing the walls outward. The sky-like/water-like blue ground and the indirect lighting created an ethereal atmosphere that seemed to mitigate their physical struggle.

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