John Andrew, the Now with Before & After, 2009, paint, audio, vinyl text, speaker, dimensions variable

This installation is comprised of three temporal distinctions. The past, present, and future all existing simultaneously. The past is represented by an audio recording of the Suns surface movement over the course of one year. Visual data was recorded via a NASA satellite and converted, with a tone generator software program, into a soundtrack of the Suns throbbing activity. The present is represented by vinyl wall text in two locations that reads: "The window rattles conveying the physical nature of an instant", "the window rattles tuned to the energy of the Sun". Within the gallery the subwoofer speaker has enough low end bass to actually rattle the front window of the gallery.
The future is represented by the color of the room. The "Sunshin" yellow color is known to enhance ones intuition and psychic abilities. In the past, present, and future the Sun is an absolute in all. In this work the Sun therefore acts as a protagonist in each temporal distinction.

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