Bogotá D.C.


Personal Statement

My work is a system, capable of change and transformation, grounded by rules, but mysterious within these guidelines.  Like an urban system forms and meanings are rearranged, mutated, altered, redistributed, metamorphosed, and restructured. The work is committed to process: the process of investigating urban elements, the process of working with material, the process of creating forms and compositions, and the artistic process of creator to viewer.  As an artist, I am a re-arranger of meanings. 

“Keeping It Real” relies on wild style changes; it relies on the use of primary colors, fading, foreground and background. The repetition of both linear aspects and forms in the compositions works to create layers.  The linkages between physical elements and the layering of conceptual components give the viewer a sense of transformation and change over time. These patterns are a series of elements, which create an invented language. Through these gestures and intense meanings, movement becomes evident in the work, making it more narrative in what they are made to say. While the nature of urban elements is essential, it is the composition and layout of all these parts, which dictates how these pieces interact.  The work itself exhibits characteristics of graffiti, and the resemblance is largely based upon the fact that textual elements are employed in the work, childlike elements, described as raw frenzied assemblages of crudely drawn figures, symbols like arrows, grids and crowns, and recurring words such as meaningless words in bold, vibrant colors. Images look vivid and sharp at first sight, and though from time to time they could bring off an intriguing passage of spiky marks or a brisk clash of blaring color, the work quickly settles into the urban landscape, full of plastic force and conceptual interest.  



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