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Sequences from the numbers pi and e, prime numbers, grids, and repetition of simple geometric shapes are my obsession. I devise systems for visualizing numerical values by which I can create new patterns.  I create interior, wall-based, 3D structures in two different materials and processes.

My signature material/process is crocheted fiberglass. I create my own cloth by crocheting continuous strands of fiberglass into flat geometric shapes which are formed and hardened with polyester resin and use of gravity.  My practice of creating math generated work and crocheting fiberglass began in 1992 when I started making sculpture that dealt with abstracting narratives of identity. Within this context, an exploration of fiberglass and resin led me to crocheting fiberglass roving. Years later, the same pursuit led me to start mapping patterns from math sequences.  This body of work occasionally uses Pascal’s Triangle as a structure and uses the value of digits from number sequences to create surface pattern, for color distribution, and to determine 3D spatial relationships.

Most recently, I began exploring new systems of mapping sequences, anchored in drawing with various media on panel and variety of papers. These 2D works range from simple notations as graph plots to complex layered patterns that visualize hundreds of digits.   This exploration led to a new body of work in laser-cut acrylic-sheet.  Typically, a sheet of 1/8” cast acrylic with laser-cut cutouts is installed on the wall using nylon spacers that range in depth from 1/8” to 1 ½ ” with plastic-capped screws.  Sometimes 2 or 3 sheets overlap, sometimes 2 or 3 sheets are stacked uniformly. 



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