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Both painting and the objective world act together in my work to form a pictorial language using drawing and color. A painting has these simultaneous aspects of awareness, feeling,  and subjectivity that create a unity of experience for the viewer, while observing external reality offers only individual information about existence. Drawing and color are conceptions that transfer these observations into a  meaningful viewpoint or a unified feature of sensation. Drawing and color are independent qualities but when combined in a gestalt reading  they produce internal feelings  about the external world based on one's own  accumulated sensations and associations.


Creating a record of interpreting these objective physical sensations in a painting provides me with the improvisational choices needed to drive innovation and change. This action lets invention be in the service of composition, forming a relation between drawing, color and observation. The directly observed image incorporates composition, physical contact and experience, so that vision can take shape literally in the process of its formation. This sense of awareness based in the material world helps explain the unity of experience between the observed description and the painted results.

     A sketch any time
     is dandy and fine.

     A drawing is great
     with color and paint.

     And stories are best
     for dreaming the rest.

     For me it's

     Doodles  or Dribbles.

     Scrawls or Scribbles.

It's where you draw the line.


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