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Stories have always been something that have interested me. I grew up on old-school anime, back in the days before subtitles or dubs, and even though i never knew what was going on plot-wise, the dramatic visuals, songs, and voice acting made a huge impression on me, and helped me to string together what plot i could. To this day i love the dramatic, that which may seem overdone to most "serious" artists. But i'm not one for irony; i want things to be genuine, with real emotion.

Sometimes i work with stories in a very obvious manner, such as comics or a print depicting a specific scene from a narrative. In this case, i depict things in a fairly realistic way. My focus and interest are on the figure, because of the range of emotion and because the stories that i'm most interested in are primarily those about people. However, i'm also becoming more interested in making work that is less representational and more abstracted, but still follows the concept of "narrative." How can i convey moods and emotions either way? Is there a "best" way to convey these things? Is it more effective to work abstractly, or more representationally, where you can see an emotion play out? The narratives i want to look at are broadening, too. I will always be interested in depicting more illustrative work, depicting scenes from books that i love, but i also now feel that it's important to look at other stories as well, such as those unfolding around current events, and more personal stories that i may not want to talk about directly. How can i talk about myself in a way that is comfortable and yet uncomfortable? How can i talk about what's happening in the world today, period? For this, as well as other points of interest, i draw a lot on music more than other visual artists. For me, the best songs have always been those that create a story, whether there's one already in there, or i make up one, or both. Now, i've also begun to look at certain songs to try and see how the artist has found ways to speak about themselves, about issues they care about, without being too overt, preachy, or running the risk of alienating their listeners. How they create a sort of space with their music that carries things that they clearly want to try and convey, but still leaves the music open to interpretation. These are the things that are starting to interest me a lot, and things that i want to try and do in my own visual work.

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