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I work with a personal code of abstract, but suggestive shapes and patterns from which I compose larger works. Each element is an image fragment of sorts or a shape that is abstracted to that point at which it feels to me to be universal, but possibly very specific. Inspiration comes from everything from the human languages of electric systems, flow charts and highway interchanges to organic and calligraphic line derived from wave forms or the natural branching patterns that make up everything from our vascular system to the coral reef and the fibre of the cosmos. Whether I working in mixed media, painting or creating in three-dimensions, I am involved in both defining and subverting implied space through illusions of sorts. Figure becomes ground and vice vera. Complexity, density, rhythm, noise and a sense of confused energy and confused space permeate everything I do. I am grasping at the ineffable hidden sensations of the inner self and the mind's eye that feels to me to be an inner storm or cacophony of more than one sensation at one time. Music and sound strongly color what I see. In some works I draw inspiration from the vernacular of science models and diagrams to give form to the way I imagine the mind sorts complex visual information. And with my works on paper I work with the inherent dualities of paper as a flat, 2-dimensional surface but also a material that has the potential to form volumes. With these works shadow, motion and change effect the experience for the viewer as I layer fibrous forms of varying color to reveal hidden layers. Whether I am painting, drawing or constructing, my process is based in collage practices and juxtapositions, which aligns closely with the esthetics of complexity and discordance. I am constantly defining space and then editing it out, creating images and then subverting them.  


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