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Street photography is unposed and spontaneous. While I enjoy photographing special moments like parades or street festivals, the street photography I most like focuses on ordinary moments in everyday life. It’s the kind of scene we look past or are unconsciously a part of as we go about our daily business. We wouldn’t think, “This is interesting.” We’re just trying to make it through the day. But those ordinary moments are life.

Human beings tend to focus on the highlights. As a result we lose sight of just how fascinating everyday life is. We think our lives are boring or mundane unless we are living in a highlight reel. Social media almost insists that we frame our lives as highlight reels in order to get any kind of attention. In contrast, very young children are fascinated by everyday life, because everything is brand new to them. My street photography invites the viewer to become like little children and be fascinated by life.

Purchase my latest photo book, Street Photography in NYC: 2007-2015, at http://lotuslandfineart.com/books/street-photography-in-nyc-2007-2015/.


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