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It was only a few years ago, when, in the magical universe of photography, I discovered the way of expressing my inner vision through art. Since then I spend all my free time in this world transforming reality in accordance with the feelings and emotions every scene evokes to me.

I rarely try to capture the moment and I take no interest in depicting reality. While the use of black and white is already a step away from reality, I don't hesitate to go even further, adding or removing parts of the image in an attempt to best convey my vision and underlying emotions. Another reason I works in black and white is that I considers color to be a distraction from the main building blocks of photography: shape, lines, forms, and  tones.

I also use long exposure to move my images in a surreal world, introducing the sense of passing time and eliminating the details from the background, thus highlighting the subjects. Order, silence and a peaceful, yet often sorrowful and lonesome atmosphere characterize my images. Minimalism, both as an art movement and as a philosophy of life, has deeply influenced my work.

Water, an element I deeply love, can be found in most of my works, but never as their central theme. Rather, the water and the sky are used as a canvas on which the subjects are placed. They are the means through which I try to convey emotions and to balance the image.


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