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Personal Statement

I work as a printmaker and painter.  I also use fragments of my prints combined with paint to make collages. In many of these I recycle old watercolors or monotypes, using them for the first layer. In others I make zinc or copper plates for the purpose of printing them for collage.  Proofs and print fragments are reused.   I use layer upon layer, painting and cutting prints for color, detail and pattern. 

I focus on landscape: water, forests, and the way in which they are being changed.  My subject matter is a response to the environmental degredation I see and read  about while also conveying my deep attachment to this natural environment; it’s ever-changing pattern, color, and shape. This tension between these oppositional forces is important in my work.

Repeated motifs stress fragmentation and explore composition, while the collage medium emphasizes the anarchistic nature of much of the current landscape.  My attraction to printmaking and collage comes from a fascination with the many ways I am able to play with images, determining the appropriate processes, juxtaposing shapes and colors, and changing the feel of my work by the aesthetic choices I make. I love the discipline of the reduction relief printmaking process and the surprises which come with each layering of color.



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