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Art is about seeing differently. I’m always trying to make something I haven’t seen before. A landscape represented by a black line on a flat paper requires a leap of imagination that we all can accomplish. More complex art requires a little more effort and concentration. I hope viewers will allow time for their eyes warm up.

My large constructed shapes are derived from twisted, gnarly roots. The shapes refer to the figure with gesture and scale and a suggestion of movement. By emphasizing anthropomorphic features I can cultivate a humorous transformation from a small, dry, grey piece of wood to a large brightly colored form, oscillating and alive on the wall.

The work reflects an emphasis on seeing, rather than analyzing, and elicits an emotional and poetic response. The form is a stand in for me. In front of my paintings I feel like I’m looking into a mirror. I want to strike a similar pose, maybe standing on one foot and twisting with an arm in the air. I want the viewer to have a similar desire, to dance along with the paintings rather than just looking at them.


Travel opens my eyes wide and fuels my work. I’m able to make calculations I couldn’t have imagined without it. I choose titles from names of places I have visited in Bali, Indonesia. Bali is an island of exquisite sights and sounds, full of talented and charming people with immense cultural wealth. The titles are musical, and along with the paintings reflect the exuberance of the culture I have experienced there.



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