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*My expanded practice includes fundamental elements of process, layering and gesture. Exploring materials and methods with a hands-on, lo-tech approach, I alternate between the micro and the macro.  Employing materials and tools using their innate characteristics, I am led to detour, stretch and extend beyond their original purpose.

My surfaces, alluding to skins and artifacts, topography, are the tactile connection between the interior and exterior.

My ongoing installations are often rooted in the exploration of physicality without a "fixed" form.   With a strong concept, they consist of parts made in the studio, re-enacted, reconfigured each time at any site they are exhibited.

The imagery produced through the forms is inspired from a wide array of sources as diverse as molecular structure, cells, books, tracks, codes, arteries, spheres, staining, labyrinth, text, hieroglyphics, webs, fossils, impressions, patterns in cosmos, musical scores, nature's processes from incubation to decay, and regeneration.

The repetitive ritualistic work is to our culture of innundation of visual stimuli, speed, and endless distractions - where I am challenged to focus while holding the infinite complexity. I am trying to pare down. While things are changing every second, I remember our interconnectivity and am prompted to respond with an array of gestures, intimate and large, controlled and elastic, reflecting on our vastness.

Through my meditation and deliberation on chance, control and uncertainty, my work is also further stretched by paradox: empty/full, conceal/reveal, rupture/repair, shadow/light, fracture/whole, static/movement, invisible/visible.


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