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For the past decade New York artist Babs Reingold has searched for the hidden. According to her, "Reality is illusive and kept from us. All life on the surface is an illusion and secrets hide beneath the surface, our life a chimera of sorts, a thing hoped for but illusory."

Perhaps her search began because the geography of her life is an illusion. Born in Venezuela, childhood in Caracas, youth in Dallas, high school and college in Cleveland, graduate school in Buffalo, artist studio in Manhattan, then Jersey City, then Hoboken and now Bayonne, New Jersey with first a winter studio in Tybee Island, Georgia and now, St Petersburg, Florida.
Perhaps it's because of the responsibility placed on the eldest girl of five children when her photographer father became ill with MS and her mother was unable to cope. Perhaps it's because her first young love died two years into their marriage.

Perhaps this. Perhaps that. All her work is created as a metaphor for a search never ending.
The works are small box portraits, large paintings and installations. In each of them Ms. Reingold seeks "our skins or layers." Currently in her installations, she shapes large organza fabric structures populated with bags of human hair. Her paintings and box "portraits" are created in a painstaking process of rust and tea staining and materials such as silk, leather, threads, human hair, wood, pins, and encaustic.

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