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highland NY


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The Associated Artists for Propaganda Research (AAPR) is an organization of social revolutionaries, the exclusive membership of which is made up of avant-garde artists, intellectuals, and political theorists. The intellectual foundations of the AAPR were derived primarily from anti-authoritarian Marxism and the avant-garde art movements of the early 20th century, particularly Dada, Surrealism and the Situationist International. Overall, AAPR theory represents an attempt to synthesize this diverse field of theoretical disciplines into a contemporary comprehensive critique of mid-20th century advanced capitalism. The AAPR recognizes that capitalism has changed since Marx's formative writings, but maintains that his analysis of the capitalist mode of production remains fundamentally correct. In their expanded interpretation of Marxist theory, the AAPR asserts that the misery of social alienation and commodity fetishism is no longer limited to the fundamental components of capitalist society, but has now in advanced capitalism spread themselves to every aspect of life and culture. They resolutely reject the idea that advanced capitalism's apparent successes—such as technological advancement, increased income, and increased leisure—could ever outweigh the social dysfunction and degradation of everyday life that it simultaneously inflicted.



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11 years 25 weeks
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