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Personal Statement

Gown Exhibitions
A-Space Gallery Toronto April/95
La Mama Galleria New York City August/96
La Mama Galleria New York City Dec./98
Park Ave Christian Church New York City March/99
The United Nations New York City August/01
16th Yukon Storytelling Festival Whitehorse, YK July/03
Aberdeen Cultural Center Moncton, NB Dec/04

Gown History

In 1994 I contacted poets, writers, artists, environmentalists, politicians, and groups through newsletters and made a simple request. I invited them to send pieces of fabric, which I planned to use in an installation I was creating, called The Gown of Stillness.

I enclosed a note: "If this world were a small child in need of healing, I would buy it a hospital gown, extra large, and give it intensive care. I would ask people, all over the world to add beauty, grace and love. The Gown of Stillness is a visual letter, a work in progress." The fabric, and the Gown, would represent a symbolic hope for global calmness, for peace.

There was a metaphoric response that was completely and utterly unplanned. Across borders and cultures, across races and faiths, the majority of people worldwide, strangers to one another, responded with lace. A global language seemed to exist in reference to a hope for peace that stepped outside the parameters of language, as we know it. Lace equaled language, equaled hope, equaled peace.

I received lace and embroidery from Canadian poets, writers, musicians and composers; embroidery created by a woman who had been wounded in The Former Yugoslavia and was now living in a safe house; delicate fabric from a Canadian politician; thin material from an actor dying from AIDS; lace from Europe; feathers from the Yukon; pieces from wedding gowns and children's clothing, everyone sharing a universal sensory perspective. Lace equaled symbol; equaled language.

Currently the Gown contains fabric from ninety-eight people in sixteen countries. Each year its dimensions increase. It currently measures thirteen feet by twelve feet.


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