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Philadelphia PA


Personal Statement

My goal as a visual artist is to create iconographies that can communicate ideas to a range of audiences. The imagery usually incorporates the human form, most often the female figure. The ideas revolve primarily around social issues and are presented through narrative or metaphor.

The materials range from handmade paper—used for its ability to mimic a variety of materials as well as its inherent connotation of fragility—to a special form of fiberglass-reinforced plaster called Hydrocal FGR 95, originally developed for architectural casting.

The form is sculptural installation and pieces originally designed as site-specific must be modified and retrofitted to each subsequent exhibition space. In addition, I’ve tended to work in that somewhat peculiar niche between painting and sculpture called “relief.”

For the past ten years, I have been interested in juxtaposing the female body with architecture in ways that becomes visual metaphors for the societal roles women play.


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