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Seen/Unseen statement

Seen/Unseen is an exploration in abstracting the figure through oversized drawings. The series is inspired by fragments of human anatomy, using internal body parts and parts that are hidden from public view. We usually take our bodies for granted and ignore that which cannot be seen. Using these body parts as the starting point for abstraction, I elevate each piece to an elegant sculptural object. The identity of each image is not important and is not revealed. The drawings are done in graphite and have an organic, mammal like quality.

! These works are done on large sheets of paper to provide a sense of human scale. The large scale also evokes a monumental feeling, and, as a result the texture of the drawings has more presence. The texture also has a transparency that gives the images volume. These drawings no longer feel like body parts; they are transformed into sculptural objects on the page through scale, texture, and detail.


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