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I am originally from Peru, born and raised; I now live and work in Paris for the past several years. My first influences came from the works of the Mexican muralist painters and their artistic, political, and social expression regarding their history. At the same time my work has been strongly inspired by the artists that belong to the Narrative Figuration movement (French: Figuration Narrative) who re-inserted the figure into the discourse on contemporary art to speak about daily life with a purpose of social criticism “Painting is not only an object for aesthetic contemplation but also a tool of communication”. My work has settled its roots in the figurative tradition inspired by the muralist movement, but later it will also be influenced by the Pop Art and its flat treatment of surfaces and colored areas “Aplats”, and by the New figurative movements and its poetic dimension voluntarily absent in the Pop Art.


Today my work and my artistic intent are strongly influenced by street art in which its artistic approach has a recurrent social and political message. Following my own artistic way and beliefs, I find myself being more and more challenged by these street artists and by their socially involved militant mind. Additionally, I have received some fantastic inspiration from their artistic output which usually has a strong critical content of society, often ironic and with messages that invite reflection, political criticism and analysis of our society. Nowadays my artistic vision and my state of mind takes me to pervade my work with this context prevailing in the street art which reminds me of the state of mind of Mexican muralists and their social engagement, "The art  leaves its aesthetic roll to take a protest, reflection and critical intention towards different society highlights".


I believe that my own artistic work falls within the tradition of muralist painters and their social and political statement; but at the same time my paintings are strongly influenced by the Post-graffiti age, due to the fact that my work is inspired by and supports the urban culture, popular culture or pop culture. Due to my origins, I can describe my work as half-blooded. My painting has the important influence of street art, its social message and its political and controversial context; while still being able to incorporate my strong heritage of Mexican muralist, in which the painting overcomes the aesthetic barriers and becomes an important channel to give out messages often of social and political content.


In my paintings, I mix art with graphic design which claims a strong multiculturalism. But primarily, I consider myself a pop artist, because not only do I belong to the urban popular culture, but I also find my inspiration in the urban world and contemporary society. Today different social, cultural, political, and climatic factors liven up the debate about narrative painting where “The painting that tells the event, raises the questions, the painting that offers the chance to develop a critical awareness, speaking through image”.





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