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Throughout the ages, every civilization has developed a concept of beauty in relation to the natural world, and more specifically to the human body.  This concept is rooted in the assumption that there exists an objective ideal.

I believe that this definition is deeply flawed, not only in its incongruity to the reality of human existence, but also because it exemplifies the most ordered and, thus, least interesting examples from that reality. In my experience this perspective lacks the depth of poetry that emerges through tragedy, suffering, corruption, and the more base aspects of human experience.

I see human beings for what we truly are:  Petty, grasping, lecherous animals motivated by the desire to feed our own egos and to ensure that our bodies are comfortable while we do so.  We do this in a vain and misguided attempt to buy a few hours of distraction from our impending demise.  Our flesh is corrupted by disease, pollution, war, gluttony, starvation, “the persistent ravages of time,” and ultimately by our own deaths.

But I see beauty even here.  I submit that it is a truer, more universal and poetic beauty:  A beauty rooted in pathos, anxiety, self-examination, fear, fascination, and pain.

My sculpture confronts this dichotomy as I strive to break down the false god of idyllic physical beauty, and raise in its stead an understanding of what it is to be alive: thoroughly debased, flawed, and impermanent, but simultaneously pitiable, intriguing, and precious.


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