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Personal Statement

I want to engage my audience. My art is not just a reflection of myself; it is a culmination of universal ideas and perceptions translated into different media. The public plays a necessary role in the translation, because my work is mainly abstract. If the audience can assimilate a personal reflection in the work, then I have achieved my objective of inspiring community interaction. I am gradually combining all of the elements that excite me in my work – recognizable 3D objects, abstract forms and color into larger installations.

My methods vary. Frequently, I select a common item – i.e. a rubber band, bullet casing, or electrical tie – which embodies the spirit of the particular idea. I work these items into a piece, elevating the status of the mundane into something profound. Another method I frequently use is painting with oil, acrylic, or latex onto canvas, paper, or wood paneling. Utilizing geometric shape and form as well as color to express my emotions, I create a memory which alludes to a loved one, a familiar place, or an event which has profoundly affected my life. So often my work reflects a sense of geography without mimicking the landscape directly and feels very human or connected to the human spirit. With many of my smaller works are based on the emotion of the moment. Larger pieces, however, take a great deal of planning as to the construction and how combined elements will work together harmoniously.

Currently, my paintings revolve around a personal experience with a friend who died suddenly in a car accident. I have been concentrating on the journeys people take for their loved ones, both physical and emotional. My work is evolving with this personal connection to loss, memory and acceptance.


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